Top 5 Large Cap Mutual Funds

Below is the list of best performing Large Cap Mutual Funds to invest in India.

Name of Fund 5 Year Returns (p.a.) Scheme Category
Axis Bluechip Fund 13.50% Large Cap
ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund12.90% Large Cap
Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund13.76% Large Cap
SBI Bluechip Fund14.01% Large Cap
Kotak Bluechip Fund14.24% Large Cap
These funds invest minimum 80% of its assets in large/bluechip companies.These funds are less volatile as they invest in index heavyweights.

What are large cap funds?

These funds invest their funds in top 100 companies as per their market capitalization. These are stable companies with almost constant dividend payment record. The investor can invest in these funds for better inflation adjusted returns than any traditional investments.

What are the benefits of investing in large cap funds?

  • You can earn more returns on your investments.
  • These funds are stable with less volatility.
  • You can see growth of your capital with the help of expert fund managers.
  • You can get the benefit of diversification as in top 100, almost all sectors of the economy comes into the picture.

  • Top 5 Balanced Mutual Funds

    Below is the list of best performing balanced mutual funds to invest in India.

    Name of Fund 5 Year Returns (p.a.) Scheme Category
    Sundaram Equity Hybrid Fund 12.34% Aggressive Hybrid Fund
    HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund11.37% Dynamic Asset Allocation
    ICICI Prudential Equity & Debt Fund12.78% Aggressive Hybrid Fund
    DSP Regular Savings Fund9.22% Conservative Hybrid Fund
    Axis Regular Saver Fund9.50% Conservative Hybrid Fund
    These funds will give you the growth of equity with the cushion of debt. These funds invest in both equity and debt as per the defined asset allocation.

    Define Balanced Funds?

    These funds are also known as Hybrid Funds.Balanced funds are those funds which invests in equity and debt both. In other words, you can say it gives you best of the both worlds like growth of your capital in equity and stability.

    Also, you can invest in aggressive or conservative hybrid/balanced funds. The aggressive balanced funds invests more in equity and conservative balanced funds invests more in debt.

    As per SEBI, you can launch either aggressive hybrid funds or balanced funds at the fund level.

    Is it advisable for a retired person to invest all of the retirement proceeds into the balanced funds?

    We do not recommend to invest the entire retirement proceeds into the balanced funds. Before investing, a person should check their risk profile. Moreover, since the investor needs this money for his/her monthly expenses, it is better to invest in a mix of fixed deposits,senior citizen savings scheme, debt mutual funds ,balanced mutual funds etc. A balanced fund will help in generating inflation adjusted returns for the retirement proceeds.

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